Latest News About The Tomahawk

  • autotua

    “Dubuc Tomahawk is the first model of the recently established Canadian company: Dubuc Super Light Cars ( SLC ), a model that should cost less than 30,000 U.S. dollars when it’s ready to be unveiled in the market. But how is it possible, that a future car with the engine placed on the center to be so cheap?”


  • lapresse

    “Ceux qui ont déjà osé l’aventure d’assembler un kit car le savent : ça prend énormément de temps. De 1500 à 2000 heures à temps perdu. Une jeune entreprise de la capitale propose une auto à assembler qui peut prendre que le huitième du temps. De surcroît, un véhicule de conception 100 % québécoise.”


  • The Montreal Gazette

    “ It has been years since Quebec-built cars have rumbled down our roads, but two companies are intent on trying to reverse that trend while avoiding the pitfalls of others who have tried and failed.”


Explore The Tomahawk

  • home-chassis

    A Chassis Built For Performance

    Drive the dream faster with a real sports car handling all the while reassured inside the best frame on the market. The chassis comes standard with a roll bar, pre-drilled holes for pedals and wiring, brackets for the steering column, rear suspension and front suspension ready.

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  • home-body

    A Body Designed To Turn Heads

    The 75 degree pre-hung scissor doors, soft touch interior dashboard, console, door panels and it’s see through tinted scratch resistant targa top make the Tomahawk a truly beautiful show piece. Other valued features include a spacious trunk and side crash bars for unforeseen lateral impacts, this has never been done before!

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  • home-inside

    The Tomahawk SuperCar Kit

    The sleek, sexy rough looking Tomahawk is the Flagship and next generation of car enthusiasts. A modern interior cabin awaits with a spacious seating area and ample leg room making it prime when looking for comfort. Comfort then meets luxury with a see through targa top and opening scissor doors to impress the masses.

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