Kick it into high gear with the revolutionary SuperCar kit.

Kick it into High Gear with the Revolutionary SuperCar Kit

The sleek, sexy rough looking Tomahawk is the Flagship and next generation of car enthusiasts. A modern interior cabin awaits with a spacious seating area and ample leg room making it prime when looking for comfort. Comfort then meets luxury with a see through targa top and opening scissor doors to impress the masses. The Tomahawk is the first and only SuperCar kit worldwide to offer such dazzling and wonderful features. It was engineered to be the fastest yet safest and strongest SuperCar kit on the market with unequalized craftsmanship and a candid eye for detail. The smart, affordable choice and eco-friendly Super Power is here making it the obvious dream car for every budget and the alternative in the world of exotic cars. From it’s conception, Dubuc Super Light Car’s purpose was to be the reference of car fanatics and share our skilled engineering through years of research and development. The Tomahawk is the perfect project and best of all it’s crazy simple to build! For customers who prefer the Tomahawk turnkey, we have authorized dealers who will provide excellent work and curtious service. Tomahawk…Drive the dream faster!

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